UAW Local 2488


MARION, Ind. — General Motors is investing $90.9 million in its Marion Metal Center plant to enhance the facility’s process capability and flexibility.

“This investment in stamping dies and equipment will align Marion Metal Center with GM’s future stamping strategy,” said Dan Hermer, GM North America Manufacturing manager. “This will enable our team to continue delivering quality to our stamping customers throughout North America.”

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AMHERST, New York – The UAW Western New York Region 9 Veterans Committee will donate a van to a local Veterans Administration hospital so those who have served our nation can get to their medical appointments.

The donation of the12-passenger Ford Transit van to the Bath (New York) Veterans Administration Medical Center will take place Aug. 31 at 1 p.m. at UAW Region 9, 35 George Karl Blvd, Amherst, New York. The committee previously donated a van to the Bath hospital and to the Buffalo chapter of the Disabled American Veterans.

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UAW members feed kids going back to school this week

UAW Member Miya Williamson Removed by Trump in Detroit

Hillary Clinton’s strong stance on TPP

Ernest “Ernie” Lofton committed his life to the UAW, his brothers and sisters in the labor movement and to his community. Along his life’s journey, the Local 600 member became a mentor and pioneer for many.

Lofton, who served as a vice president and director of the union’s National Ford Department from 1989 until his retirement in 1998, died Aug. 4 at age 84.

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(SOUTH BEND, Ind.) – A vicious lockout of 360 UAW members by Wall Street darling Honeywell International, Inc., ground on into its fourth month this week with no sign of clearer skies ahead.

“It’s clear Honeywell planned this attack on our members months, if not years, in advance,” said UAW Local 1508 President Tim Vogt.

Honeywell locked out UAW members at its Aircraft Wheel and Brake manufacturing facilities in South Bend, Indiana, and Green Island, New York, May 9, after less than a month of negotiations for a collective agreement.

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Retirees meeting location.

2488 Retiree meetings are currently being held at the Agricenter directly to the North of our old Union Hall. The entrance is on Carol Dr. One road past (or west of) our old Hall entrance, turn North, go to end of lane and turn right to Agricenter. Meetings are generally the second Tuesday of the month at10am. However due to a scheduling conflict, the next meeting for August has been moved to the 16th(third Tuesday).Every past member of UAW Local 2488 are welcome to attend. Bring your ideas, and participate with your fellow Brothers and Sisters.

Attention 2488 Retirees ( meeting change for August)

 Due to a scheduling conflict, the 2488 Retirees meeting will be held on the third Tuesday of August the 16th. Same time 10am. The meeting will then return to the second Tuesday of the month in September. Thank you, and sorry for any inconvenience, the Agricenter had Tuesday the 9th. scheduled for an event prior to the purchase of our Hall.

When UAW President Dennis Williams took over as president at the 2014 convention, he made it clear that one of the things he wanted his administration to focus on was communicating with rank-and-file UAW members and meeting members where they were at. Read more >>>

Chemical spills, lack of protective gear endanger Creative Foam workers who make auto parts for Ford, GM, Mercedes, Toyota at Dayton plant


Complaint comes as workers prepare to vote on joining UAW in effort to win safe, good jobs

Dayton, Ohio – Autoworkers at the Creative Foam plant in Dayton filed a complaint Thursday with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) calling for an investigation into widespread hazards at the factory, including dangerous chemical leaks and spills, a lack of proper protective gear, and insufficient training on how to handle toxic chemicals that can cause workers to develop asthma and other serious respiratory problems.

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Retirees Meeting for July 12th. Information

 The Retirees meeting will again be at the Agricenter building directly behind our old Union Hall next Tuesday, July 12 th. @ 10am. Any past member of Local 2488 are welcome, we were welcomed with open arms and as expected, treated like family by the new owners of our Hall. Their hospitality was exceptional.

Happy 4th of July!

 To all past members and present Retirees Chapter... Have a Happy and Safe Independence day. Let's take a moment to reflect, just how many have gave so much to allow us to enjoy this day, and our Freedom --Thank You.

Skilled trade openings at Ford Chicago assembly

 5-plumber/pipefitters -- 10-electricians -- 3 welders and a layout inspector. These positions are needed to be filled immediately. Please contact Bob Tiseo within the UAW...313-926-5146 for contact information at the Chicago facility.

Retirees Meeting for June14th. Information

 Good morning Local 2488 Retirees. The June meeting will be held next Tuesday (14th) at the Agricenter behind the Hall,  10am. Access is from Carole Dr. It's the first right turn west of the Hall. Meeting has been be set up in room "D" with Jean Payne, the President of the IL. Fertilizer training center. Redbird catering will be provided by the new owners for the first meeting as a kind gesture, future refreshments can be discussed at the meeting. Keys and future contact information will take place at the meeting as well.  R.D.

Thoughts and prayers to our Union Brothers

 Two Union Brothers were shot in an argument outside the Union Hall at Local 551 in Chicago. Aaron Straker, and Jeff Bacon, both were shot in the leg. Injuries do not appear to be life threatening.

More than 50 Flint elementary school students will learn and grow in a loving environment this summer at a new Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School sponsored by the Cynthia Estrada Charity Fund. The Freedom School will be administered by Bethel United Methodist Church – Flint, the only historically African-American church in the city. Read more >>>

Full Video: UAW president Dennis Williams hosts media roundtable

“Today is a great day for millions of hardworking Americans and working families because they are finally going to be rightfully paid for working overtime. I commend President Obama and Labor Secretary Perez for their leadership in adopting this commonsense rule that will raise the incomes of more than 4 million working people. The previous outdated overtime rules contained loopholes that many employers used for decades to exploit workers and deny them their earned pay. Read more >>>

This blog post originally appeared on and was written by the president of Demos, Heather C. McGhee

Each year, Demos recognizes leaders who are transforming America. From #BlackLivesMatter to Amy Poehler to Rashad Robinson, we have honored the people, organizations, and movements that are challenging our country to live up to the true meaning of democracy: a place where all Americans have an equal say and an equal chance.

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Employment Opportunities

Selig Products , Forrest IL  is looking for 2 Electrical Mechanics. Received a call from contact Harry Fosdick. Immediate openings - please call 815-785-2119 if interested.

Recently the Center for Disease Control began a new campaign called Screen For Life aimed at raising awareness of the risk of colorectal cancer and the need to get screened. Here are some facts about colorectal cancer. You can find more information at

What Is Colorectal Cancer?

Colorectal cancer is cancer that occurs in the colon or rectum. Sometimes it is called colon cancer. The colon is the large intestine or large bowel. The rectum is the passageway that connects the colon to the anus.
It’s the Second Leading Cancer Killer

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Contact Information from MMNA after May 31,2016

Address and phone number updates - Employment Verifications - Personnel & Other File Request -  Contact Peggy Mutsch (877) 386-8755

CAREER LINK - 705 E. Lincoln st. Normal, IL (309) 268-8795

Health Benefits - Buy outs and Questions - Insurance Questions - Angie O Leary (877) 386-8755   MMNA 6400 Katella Avenue, Cypress CA. 90630

Payroll - W-2 Questions - Maria Padilla (714) 372-6515

401k Empower Retirement (800) 345-2345

Pension - Request an estimate, Initiate benefits, update beneficiaries or submit death certificate, change direct deposit or tax withholding. Himaya Veazie (877) 386-8755    Once Pension has started,contact: Wells Fargo at (800) 728-3123

 Retiree Medical - Submit death certificate, change Direct Deposit of Medicare Part B  Reimbursement, Initiate Post 65 Retiree Medical Benefits. Angie O Leary (877) 386- 8755 Angie.O 

Retiree Medical Contacts (Pre-65)  Blue Cross Blue Shield (800) 227 6592- Express Scripts (800) 711-0917

Post 65  Express Scripts (866) 544-6963    Medigap F - Eric Lapan (309) 661-3788   Medigap F claim questions (855) 304-2858

 Vehicle Purchases  Certificate for new , sponser a vehicle or Lease Vehicles-turn in or Purchase    Peggy Mutsch (877) 386 8755 

Christopher W. Mose from Katz Friedman

Christopher will be here at the Union Center on Monday May 16 from 12:30pm to 4:00pm.

Graduate workers, who have been organizing for the past year, welcome recognition of needed changes from the Provost, Dean of Engineering

NEW YORK – In a rare email to Ph.D. candidates, Columbia University Provost John H. Coatsworth announced a number of changes to improve workplace benefits for many graduate workers. The announcement – which includes parental leave, childcare subsidies and changes in fees – comes as graduate workers have been joining together to fight for respect and their rights as Graduate Workers of Columbia-UAW (GWC-UAW). The announcement answers calls for change the group has been raising and builds on previous changes that have occurred since graduate workers began organizing.

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Berkeley — Just over a third of non-supervisory manufacturing production workers in the United States and half of the nation’s manufacturing workers hired through temporary agencies rely on at least one public assistance program to support themselves or their families, according to research by the University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education.

As presidential candidates from both parties debate how to revive American manufacturing, and while lawmakers at the federal and state levels promote subsidies to lure manufacturing jobs, the Labor Center calculates that low wages in manufacturing cost taxpayers approximately $10.2 billion a year in public assistance.

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Following Recent OSHA Citations, Fuyao Workers Call for Full-Scale Investigation Into Fire Hazards, Electrocution Risks, Laceration Injuries that Persist at Auto Plant

Moraine, Ohio – Auto workers at Fuyao Glass filed a complaint with the federal government Monday calling for a “wall-to-wall” investigation into a wide range of dangerous conditions found throughout the plant, including fire hazards, electrocution risks, and laceration injuries, among other hazards.

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Monthly Retiree Meeting

Hello Retirees, Just a reminder, tomorrows meeting was moved to 11 am. Membership action was taken at Aprils meeting to have Lunch instead of donuts. Also, Representatives from 3 active UAW Locals close to Bloomington, per your request, will be present for questions and answers. 974-E.Peoria   2096-Pontiac  751-Decatur.  A vote will be taken immediately after to choose an active Local to merge with. See you here.

Deception seems to be the name of the game at Volkswagen. As if the diesel emissions scandal wasn’t enough, Volkswagen is now deceiving working people at its plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Workers in the skilled trades division of the plant last year voted overwhelmingly to join the UAW to create a better workplace. Volkswagen executives promised to respect the workers’ vote, but now the company is going back on its word.

Volkswagen is refusing to negotiate with workers and choosing instead to use the legal system to evade that responsibility.

Send an email to Volkswagen executives to tell them to sit down and negotiate with working people in the skilled trades division of the Chattanooga plant.

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“Once again in the wee hours of the morning Michigan’s Republican legislators attacked teachers rather than address the real issues facing our schools. We are outraged that public officials are putting our children at risk. Teachers who spend the most time developing our children should be treated with dignity and respect. Read more >>>

The UAW represents more than just autoworkers. In this ongoing web series, we look into some of the unique jobs our membership performs daily. We are the UAW.

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This article originally appeared in USA Today. To read the entire article, click here.

The nation’s growing army of contingent workers is increasingly demanding, and often winning, higher pay and benefits and union membership, pushing back against efforts by companies to deploy a less costly, more flexible workforce.

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – As the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) moves forward in a highly-anticipated case that could restore graduate workers’ rights as employees, a majority of graduate workers at Harvard University have signed cards saying that they want to a form a union. In an official affirmation of this choice, the American Arbitration Association (AAA) confirmed a majority of graduate workers are supporting the formation of a union. Read more >>>

UAW Local 2488 Farewell Picnic

UAW Local 2488 Farewell Picnic will be at the Gazebo behind the Hall on Friday May 13th, from 3:30pm - 7:30pm. Food and beverages will be provided. Stop out and see members you have not seen in a while, have some food and drinks, talk about old times. Union label merchandise will be raffled off until gone , so come early.

Also, the Local 2488 Union Hall contents will be auctioned off on Saturday May 21st from 9:00am - 1:00pm. Cash only , and only open to past and present Local 2488 Members. Items won must be hauled away the same day, so bring a truck or trailer.

Workers Memorial Day

As a reminder to our previously posted notice. Our Workers Memorial Day Vigil is today, here at the Local 2488 Union Hall at 3:30 pm. Please come and pause to remember our brothers Joe Frank and John Foster who lost their lives while on the job. And to pay respects for all others who have passed while working.

5th annual Gary Nichols Memorial Golf Outing

Gary s Memorial Golf Outing will be continuing this year with the help from Jerry Harcharik with LiUNA Midwest Region, and Maggie Nichols with United Way.

Saturday September 17, 2016 at the Den at Fox Creek

Check in at 7:00am - Shotgun start at 8:00am

Four man scramble - limited to 128 golfers

$85.00 per person -Lunch included Proceeds go to United Way of McLean County & Great Plains LIFE Foundation

Top Prizes includes: Name engraved on Trophy,hole in one contest,door prizes raffles,50-50,longest drive & putt, closest to the pin, & skins. Foursomes will be gladly assigned if desired.

Registration Forms are available at Local 2488 Union Hall or by contacting Maggie at (309) 828-7383 or (309) 287-3010

FYI Reminder Update

Today (4-18) we have Christopher Mose of Katz Friedman at the Union Hall  12:30pm to 4pm.

Tuesday (4-19) we have Richard Johnson of Katz Friedman as well at the Hall 10am to 4 pm.

Wednesday (4-20) here at the Union Hall, Matthew Kopecky of Union Financial,Inc. will be present for your financial questions from 10am to 4pm

Thursday of next week (4-28) is our Workers Memorial Day Vigil at 3:30pm.

Matthew Kopecky Union Financial

Matthew will be at the UAW Local Union Hall on Wednesday April 20th, come see him for your financial questions.


25th annual IVCC Job Fair

Discover the silver lining in your Career. IVCC annual job fair.

Visit the job fair Website:

Thursday, April 21st.

10am - 2pm IVCC Gymnasium

Over 50 Employers

Bring Resumes on a Flash drive if you can.

Illinois Valley Community College


Richard K. Johnson Christopher W. Mose

Richard K. Johnson of Katz Friedman will be here at the Union Hall on Tuesday April,19 from 10am - 4pm

Christopher W. Mose of Katz Friedman will also be here at the Union Hall on Monday April,18 from 12:30pm - 4pm

Retiree Meeting

Hello Retirees, our next Retiree meeting is Tuesday April 12th. 10am. Due to the impending closing of our Local, part of the agenda will be to vote on joining an active UAW Local in central Illinois,  Please give it some thought. Three of the most likely choices are UAW 974 East Peoria , UAW 751 Decatur or 2096 Pontiac. See you there.

Workers Memorial Day
Workers Memorial Day April 28, 2016 Workers Memorial Day will be Thursday April 28 this year. Unions across the nation will hold events remembering those fellow brothers and sisters that died as a result of a workplace accident or illness. We will take time to remember Brothers Joe Frank and John Foster. The Local will hold a candlelight vigil at the Union Hall on Thursday, April 28th at 3:30 p.m. We encourage all members to attend, as this event is important for all us to take the time to show our solidarity in demanding safe workplaces. The tragedies of Brother Frank and Brother Foster’s deaths should be a wake up call for all us to remember that our work environment is dangerous. We mourn for Brother Frank and Brother Foster and in their name we must commit to hold companies responsible for providing safe workplaces. We must assure that when we elect officials to represent us in Washington D.C, Springfield and our own communities that we elect those officials who will enact legislation that will protect us and hold companies accountable when they fail to provide a safe working environment. We can make a difference and we must never forget to mourn for the lost loved ones and fight for our safety.

Brothers and Sisters, we will be having a live auction of the contents of the Union Hall / shed, on Saturday May 21st from 9am - 1pm or until complete, file cabinets, tables, chairs, desks, computer equipment, and much more. This is only offered to present and past members and Retirees. Please bring I.D. for verification. All purchases must be removed on the 21st, so bring your trucks!

Special Building Corp. Meeting

 We will be having a Special Building Corp. Meeting Wednesday April 6th at the Union Hall. At 3:15

Christopher W. Mose from Katz Friedman

Reminder---Chris Mose will be here at the Union Hall today (Monday March 28th) from 10 am. to 4:00 pm.

for any business you may have with Katz-Friedman.

Veterans Center Honor Boards ID TAGS.

We have removed the ID TAGS/ DOG TAGS. From the Veterans Center Boards from the MMNA plant. They can be picked up at the Local 2488 Union Hall. They are divided into service branches. If you would like yours back please stop by and grab it. If you know of anyone that has passed on , contact the Hall and we will try to get it to the family.

Local 2488 Union Corporation Meeting

The Union Corporation meeting will be held Wednesday 3-23-16 at 3:15 at the UAW Local 2488 Union Hall. Discussions will include reviewing the sale of the Hall and Property, and  going over Appraisal.

Credit Union 1 opens new Location in Normal

Credit Union 1 has opened a co-op shared branch with Land of Lincoln Credit Union.

New location is 115 Susan Drive, unit 1 Normal, Il. 61761

Phone number is 309-827-8636


Connect Transit Driver Careers

Connect Transit will be adding Sunday routes to Bloomington/Normal Area late spring/ early summer this year. The possibility of up to 20 Drivers will be needed for this addition. 

Employment Opportunities / Corn Crib Baseball job fair.

The Corn Crib 1000 W. Raab rd.Normal,Il. is having a first annual job fair this Saturday March 12th at 9am - 1pm. They are looking for game day staff as well as Food & Beverage positions for the up coming season. 

Working America Health Care

Working America Health Care. The health care solution for Union Members facing transition.

Since the creation of the Health Insurance Marketplace, Working America has collaborated  with more than 20 labor organizations to connect members to affordable Marketplace plan options while strengthening union through co-branding.

Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth at UAW Local 2488

We are hosting Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth to discuss trade issues and the impact on our members here in Illinois. This event will begin this Friday March 11th at  3:15 pm. at the UAW Local 2488 Union Hall. Please attend this discussion on how this topic has greatly affected each one of us here at home.

Monthly Retiree Meeting

FYI...Retirees meeting next Tuesday March 8th. 10am. at the Union Hall. Hot Coffee and tasty donuts will be provided. see ya there!


Richard K. Johnson of Katz Friedman

Richard has confirmed being at the Union Hall on Tuesday, March 15th from 10am. to 4pm.

Professional Skills Training / Job Ready Workshops

Free Training and Job Ready Workshops are being held at Goodwill Commons 2319 E. War Memorial Dr. 61614

Current Class Schedule available at

Computer Classes from Basic to Advanced Excel

Job Ready Workshops from Resume writing to Professional Writing Skills

For more information or to Register call Brad or Michelle at 309-682-1113  Brad is ext. 2122, Michelle is at ext. 2153

Dates and times vary, call or go online to pick available sessions.

Illinois Valley Community College

IVCC Career Services is offering personalized career counseling and services.

What they offer: Individual assistance with job search

                           Workshops - Classroom presentations - Access to free on-line job posting systems - Free job search resources - Employer recruiting events.

There is also a Annual Job Fair: Thursday, April 21st, 2016.

Main Campus Hours : Monday - Friday 9am - 5:30 or by appointment.

Ottawa Campus Hours : First Monday of every month 8 - 4:30 or by appointment.

Contact Information : Susan Monroe, Career Services Specialist 815-224-0214,                             susan

                                   Lisa Witalka , Administrative Assistant 815-224-0502,                                                      lisa

Current workshops being offered : Tuesday, March 1 - Finding Your Job References

                                                        Tuesday, March 8 - The Job Application

                                                        Tuesday, March 15 - Dressing To Impress

                                                        Tuesday, March 22 - Interviews Do s and Dont s

                                                        Tuesday, April 5 - The 4 Must Do s After The Interview

                                                        Tuesday, April 12 - Navigating the Job Fair

 Please sign up for these events ,

Third annual Building Trades Career Fair

The Third annual Building Trades Career Fair will be held at Woodruff Career and Technical, 1800 NE Perry, Peoria,IL. on Saturday, March 5, 2016 from 9a.m. to noon. This event will give individuals who are interested in construction as a career, an opportunity to meet with local apprenticeship coordinators to discuss job opportunities. To pre-register go to   Walk in registration is available.

Peoria area Job Fair

Today.....Ameren Illinois is now hiring. Ameren will have recruiters present at The Heart of Illinois Job Fair. The Fair will be held at The Peoria Civic Center on Tuesday, March 22nd, from 10am - 3pm. Forty area companies will be on hand looking to hire. From entry level to upper management positions.

Richard K. Johnson of Katz Friedman

Richard will be at the Union Hall Tuesday February 16th from 10am. to 4:30pm.

Bloomington Thunder Hockey Discount Tickets