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MMNA – UAW Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

What is an Employee Assistance Program? Very simply – it is a program to help employees. The program provides, confidential, professional counseling to help employees and their family members resolve personal problems which may affect their health, personal well being, or job performance. Your EAP is endorsed by the management of MMNA and UAW Local 2488. Call at (800) 433-7916.

MMNA – UAW Legal Services Plan


Jim Finegan, Attorney at Law

111 W Front St

Bloomington IL 61701

(309) 827-0388


9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday

Please call in advance for appointments

Review your Summary Plan Description for coverage details or contact your Union Benefits Representatives at, (309) 888-8008 or (309) 888-8015.

Mitsubishi Forms

The following forms may now be available by internet: Direct Deposit; Address/Name/Phone Change; Federal W-4; Illinois W-4; Enrollment/Change/Coordination of Benefits (for Health Insurance); Group Term Life-Conversion Form; Voluntary Term Life-Portability Form; Group Term Life-Beneficiary Form.

To access these forms, go to, click on “Benefits” and click on the hyperlink “Form”. The user name is “mmna” and the password is “mfg”.

* These forms may be returned via US Mail to Human ResourcesDept./Benefit Admin., MMNA, 100 N Mitsubishi Motorway, Normal IL 61761; placed in the designated drop box in the plant lobby, submitted via fax to (309) 888-7341; or submitted via e-mail to In the event you are not able to go on-line to obtain additional copies of these forms, please contact Human Resources Dept./Benefit Admin. at (309) 888-8351, (309) 888-8365 or (309) 888-8301 to request additional copies.

Frequently Asked Benefit Questions:

1. When are the BC/BS of Illinois representatives here at the plant? Once every 3 months. Call your Benefits Representative for the date. They arrive at 9:00am and leave at 4:30pm. Their phone number on site is:
(309) 888-8335.

2. Is there an 800 number to check for PPO Providers? Yes there is, BC/BS of Illinois can be reached by calling 1-800-227-6592.

3. If I want to check for an out-of-state PPO Provider is there an 800 number for us to call? Yes there is, that number is 1-800-810-2583.

4. Is there an 800 number than I can call to check the status of a disability claim? Yes, that number for Prudential is 1-800-842-1718 and the number for Liberty Mutual is 1-800-838-5290.

5. Who do I contact if I need Disability/FMLA forms? Call (309) 888-7249 and ask to speak to Summer Azam.

6. If I’ve been injured, who do I contact from the MMNA Workers Compensation Department? Cindy Rosecrans (309) 888-8399 for Alphabet (A – J); (309) 888-7923 Debbie Hand for Alphabet (K – R); (309) 888-8826 Carol Hreha for alphabet (S – Z); Supervisor Thelma Jones (309) 888-7169;

7. If I am entitled to TTD (Temporary Total Disability), who do I contact from the MMNA Workers’ Compensation Department? See question #6

8. If there is a need to submit a bill to MMNA regarding Workers’ Compensation who would I direct that to? see question #6

9. Who should I contact if I have a benefit question? Always contact your benefit representatives with any questions that you may have. There is a good chance that there is a benefit in place that may help you.

10. Are there websites to our benefits providers? Yes. Medical:; Dental:; Medco:

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